Balasan Initiative

Balasan Initiative* for Human Rights is an independent, non-partisan Palestinian human rights initiative that aims to indiscriminately protect and promote human rights across the occupied Palestinian territory (“oPt”), which have been systematically infringed in violation of international law. Through legal advocacy, research and policy planning, we seek to challenge and remedy the policies that allow the injustices to persist in the oPt.

While advocating for human rights in the oPt, the Balasan Initiative also aims to shed light on the effects of the current situation on Palestinian Christianity, by creating and raising awareness on the hopes and experiences of Palestinian Christians, with the goal of sustaining and solidifying their presence in their homeland, Palestine

*Balasan is the Arabic word (found also in the Holy Bible) for a tree that has existed in Palestine for thousands of years, which leaves were used to extract a healing balm to cure wounds and illnesses. The name is inspired by the vision that the respect for human rights and justice are a cure needed to end violations and suffering, and restore the humanity and dignity of all people.