The Balasan Initiative Concludes Youth Human Rights Advocacy Training

The Balasan Initiative for Human Rights, in collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung – Jordan and Palestine, held a training for Palestinian youth titled “Palestinian Youth for Human Rights” between 18 – 26 July 2023, where over the course of four days, 14 young Palestinian women gathered to explore the power of rights-based advocacy, encompassing its 

key concepts, skills and planning phases and the tools required to bring about meaningful change. 

The workshop’s primary aim was to equip these talented young minds with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective advocates for human rights in their community.

Throughout the workshop, participants delved into various aspects of advocacy, gaining insights into the significance of pre-planning, effective communication, possible challenges, and post-advocacy follow-up.The interactive sessions engaged the young women in a process of exchange of ideas, experiences, and a sense of solidarity among them.

The participants were divided into four dedicated groups where they developed and implemented their very own advocacy initiatives, where each group identified pressing issues of their selection and crafted comprehensive plans to address them. The initiatives included environmental rights, gender equality, rights of people with disabilities and youth inclusion.  The young women implemented their own initiatives in August, bringing about a positive impact to their communities while practising youth empowerment in the process.